Japan Adventurous Travel Journey

Take your Adventurous Travel Journey to japan this year. Japan is a must for travellers who are aware of the value to them of history, beautiful landscapes and fascinating architecture. We start in Tokyo, end in Osaka and spend the night in the area of Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Hiroshima.


Japan Adventurous Travel Journey

Of course, you can’t compare the price in Japan with the amount of money you pay in southeast Asia, but there are affordable services in Japan in addition to those that are expensive. The UNESCO world heritage sites you will visit, are the highlights of this Japan tour. In Kyoto, visit Nijo Castle, built in 1603 as the official residence of the shogun; the temple of the golden pavilion, a Buddhist temple overlooking a large pond and covered with beautiful gold leaves; and the temple of pure water, founded in 780 AD in a waterfall. In Hiroshima,

Tokyo Japan Travel

Tokyo is really a city which shows the colours of Japan. In Japan, the travel destinations are endless and it would still be impossible to explore them all together. However, the well-known city of Tokyo still deserves the first place on its itinerary, thanks to its attractive tradition and wonderful destinations. And if you’re not impressed by the historic sites, the city also has a great culinary scene.
Discover true beauty in the “land of the rising sun”. Around Tokyo, you’ll discover ancient architecture and the most impressive cultural sites. Discover japan’s scenic landscape by crossing Hakone and stopping to admire fuji’s splendour. In Takayama, enjoy the picturesque history of this small town, its colourful markets and breathtaking views of the Japanese Alps.

Japan Travel Budget

Most people believe it’s impossible to travel to Japan on a budget, but in reality, the expense of a trip to Japan is very comparable to that of visiting European countries, or even less expensive!.

In Japan, it may be cheaper to travel by bus from one city to another than by train. If you want to reduce costs, take a night time bus.

Take a 20-star stream zigzag path before arriving at the restaurant where Japanese lunch is served. Later, visit lake Chuzenji, created by an eruption of Nantai, and admire the impressive waterfalls of Kegon. Staying in a guest house in Japan is not so bad! The actual most affordable (2000¥ ~ $19) is clean and it has sufficient facilities to make you enjoy your visit. I stayed at the hotel 3000 Asakusa hotel in Asakusa, Tokyo. Although they are only 2,000 yen. It has great service and a good buffet.

Did you ever hear of a Japan train pass? If you travel more than 3 days in a Japan region, I suggest you check and buy a train ticket. This is very convenient and you can use the trains as many times as you want. All you have to do is take care of your passport, show it every time you walk through the door and get on the train, and everything will be fine.

Japan Adventurous Travel Journey

Take a scenic route to visit the historic villages of Shirakawa and Okayama, then drive to Kanazawa, where you will enjoy an even more traditional charm. In the last days of your trip, take a beautiful and exciting journey through the peaceful temples of the admiral of Kyoto, stroll through the Japanese gardens and discover all that this extraordinary culture has to offer.

Enjoy an all-day guided tour of world heritage-listed Nikko, a magnificent complex of sanctuaries dedicated to the first shogun. In Nikko, at the top of the mountains, visit the toshogu sanctuary, known for its magnificent complex of colourful structures that highlight the exceptional craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen of the seventeenth century.