Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun Ideas

Croatia Travel Adventure

Croatia is a place where every traveller would love to travel once in life. Lots of visitors who travel to Croatia for the very first time tend to visit the major touristy towns as well as attractions, like Zagreb, Split, Plitvice, Hvar and Dubrovnik. Nevertheless, Croatia is full of covert treasures, captivating coastal towns, terrific all-natural websites, and also attractive beaches.

Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun Ideas

The unbelievable Adriatic coast of Croatia has attracted attention over the past decade, but over the centuries people have been attracted to this amazing country. The struggle for Croatian independence has not been easily won, but the influence of cultures that came before has had an impact on a country that is as exciting as beautiful.

If you’re planning to visit Croatia, you might wonder whether is worth the expenses and challenges. Visiting another country can reward you in lots of ways, but you’ll definitely run into situations you will not face at home. Croatia is the nation where history has maintained Rome ruins and Greek like palace in Pula or Split amphitheatre ages walled cities on the name island such as the city of Korcula city or Dubrovnik.

There is no doubt surely you’ll like the Mediterranean, the cuisine the one across the coast comparable to Italian. Combining travel with learning experiences can keep the brain as healthful as precisely the rest of your body, and it’ll be some fun to find out that Croatia is precisely the nation where the tie o kravata has been introduced for the very first time. Did that you know that Croatia is the home of precisely the first fountain pen, invented by Slavoljub Pankala.

Croatia – Travel and Sail

Is there a better way to discover the fairytale Croatian coast, its pristine waters and boundless hidden coves on more than 1000 islands? Find out why Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe and escape from the crowds of tourists. Choose a sailing package to suit your individual needs, from standard skipper tours to the first-class tank and motor yacht tours.

Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun IdeasCroatia is a location for those that would love to sail, check out and enjoy the gorgeous Croatian coastline and also islands, with every boat in the charter at their disposal. Here you can locate and also book all luxury yachts that may be present in Croatia rental agreement, covering the regions of Istria, the northern Adriatic, Dalmatia and also the south of the Adriatic.


Croatia – Travel Journey to Zagreb

Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun IdeasWandering the streets of Zagreb is like walking through a live museum. Well-groomed and well-organized streets, paved footpaths and bicycle lanes fit easily into the historical foundation. Austro-Hungarian architecture blends in with cold-blooded communist projects from the former Yugoslavia.

Zagreb may not be like Dubrovnik or Split, but it still occupies a coastal mentality. There is nothing hasty in Zagreb. You won’t meet people running away to work and won’t worry too much about the next step. The locals live sparingly, but the main thing is to enjoy and relax. Zagreb is a modern, functional and accessible city.

Zagreb is extremely cheap compared to the rest of Croatia. Living and searching for accommodation in Europe will cost you only a fraction of what you pay elsewhere. I stayed for about 180 kunas a day and had plenty of food for 60 kunas.

Travel and Discover Split – Croatia 

Split is Croatia’s second-largest city, located on a peninsula off the Dalmatian Coast. The city’s piece de resistance is its historical core of stunning Gothic as well as Renaissance architecture of which the Diocletian’s Royal residence is the crown gem.

Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun IdeasDeveloped between 298 and 305 AD, this Roman Emperor royal residence facility is a lot more like a tiny city itself with a labyrinth of marble walkways and also structures having bars, cafes as well as shops.

Outside the historical facility, visitors will find plenty to see and do consisting of walking along the seaside promenade, shopping at the lively Eco-friendly Market and swimming at Bacvice beach. Do not let the undesirable outskirts of Split scare you into believing you’ve just made an enormous blunder in adding this seaside city to your plan. 

Yes, the “striking” ex-communist errors are solid as you approach. Give it time. Upon entering the city center of Bliss, all your thoughts will quickly become the earth. With its narrow marble-paved alleyways, jogging as they open to Peajis laden with cafes is just a souvenir of the city’s journey to Croatia.


Dubrovnik – Get the Flavour

Whether you come to Dubrovnik for the first time or in the hundredths, the feeling of reverence does not stop when you look at the beauty of the old city. Indeed, it is hard to imagine anyone being tormented by the limestone streets of the city, the baroque buildings and the endless shimmering of the Adriatic, or not being inspired by a stroll through the ancient city walls that for centuries has protected the capital of a complex republic.

Croatia Travel | Family, Holiday, Adventure and Fun Ideas

Located near the breakwater, that was built centuries ago. Go for a swim in this sea from the breakwater and you may sunbathe on the wonderful sandy beaches. Buza Beach – probably most unusual shores of the resort – Burza -It situated within this Old City, under this city walls.

To get at this beach, you can throughout the door of St. Stephen’s, based in this wall of this Old City. There’s a small bar on the shore area. To get around this unusual beach, you have to pass throughout these narrow streets behind this Cathedral, which leads into this top of this old city walls. Cafe Bua beach is undoubtedly probably the most romantic places in Dubrovnik. The beaches of the resort are valued worldwide for its purity.

Dubrovnik has a lot to experience, from tracing the powerful city walls and studying scenes from the Game of Thrones to spending the day at the bottom with a canopy on the beach, with an iced cocktail in hand. Destination expert Jane Foster talks about the most incredible things to do in the city.

A cultural mixture of sustenance and attractive destinations gives Croatia its appropriate tourism feature. Travel and spend your awesome holiday in Croatia.