Best of Costa Rica Adventure Tour

Travel Costa Rica to get one of the best experience of the travel journey. Costa Rica is very surprising and peaceful countries in the world for an adventure trip. Few countries offer the same level of biodiversity that can be found there. Adventure and eco-tourists alike are fascinated by this small country’s variety of activities, sights and destinations, not to mention its superb infrastructure and delightful cuisine.

Best of Costa Rica

Rich in nature and with two coasts, this small country between Nicaragua and Panama has something for everyone. From relaxing family beaches, a rainforest zip, an excursion to the volcano, to cheap dental work, there is no end to the list of possible activities. This small country is not only one of the safest in central america, but also well developed. Tourism industries offer many options for all kinds of tourists eco, adventure, luxury, beach, single and family.

In addition, mad biodiversity makes it a place where nature lovers can see some of the most unique species of flora and fauna on the planet, many of which are endemic to the country. Simply put, Costa Rica offers the perfect combination of stunning beauty, nature, beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, culture and adventure trip for people with a variety of interests.

Best of Costa Rica Adventure Tour
The Arenal volcano, which stands like an ancient pyramid above the central forest, is one of the country’s attractions. While the volcano has been non-active since the year 2010, there is still the occasional rumble in the jungle.

The location around Arenal is indeed a playground with the enormous Arenal lake used for boating, kayaking and paddleboarding, hot springs and waterfalls, zip lines and horseback riding. Get up early, no matter when you go to try to glance at the top of the volcano that often covers right behind the clouds in the mid-day. Surely this is one of the best place to visit in Costa Rica.

Lodging and Resorts

Lodging options differ greatly in this country. Here, you will find anything from inexpensive and pleasant resorts charging $10-15 per night to amazing 5-star resorts charging over a few hundred dollars per room. Normally you will find spending $60-100 per night for a hotel room in touristy areas.

If there are two of you, that’s only $30-50 per person. If you are travelling in a larger group and are ready to share a room with more than 1 person, it can often be less expensive to get one room with two double beds to share between four people. You will get the very same experience as staying in the hostel but with an extra level of privacy and services of the hotel.

In addition, you might want to see what the general weather conditions are going to be like for the area where you want to have your vacation. Having looked at these details you might need to see what kind of travel options you’ll be provided with. The range of prices of the different packages which one looks at should also be clearly displayed.

Wildlife Adventure – Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the world capital of white waters because of rushing and stormy rivers. People visit here from around the world just to immerse their paddle in some of these famous rivers. Rivers across the country offer rivers from grade 1 to grade 5 for people of all ages and levels.

You can also visit some of the quieter rivers on foot. In fact, swimming and spending time on the river is a normal weekend activity for the locals. If you’re ever around La Fortuna, check out the famous “mysterious” El Salto hole. It is a free and natural view, where people gather to spend the day jumping and swimming in the refreshing La Fortuna river.

There are several types of reptiles and interesting amphibians, from venomous and non-venomous snakes to crystal frogs and huge spiders. This beautiful country is the birthplace of the most interesting creatures and animals. Stroll along the rainforest paths and see one or two sloths, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys and many different types of birds.

Special areas of Costa Rica are considered to be a dream for ornithologists because they are inhabited by many multicoloured bird species. Make a decision which activities are your main priorities, that will help you to choose your best Costa Rica Adventure Trip. It’s without a doubt that the best thing about visiting Costa Rica is the pure variety of options this country offers.